Reporting river pollution is now easy with THIS APP

Have you been in a situation where you saw huge amount of pollution being washed into your river or rubbish floating in your river and you want to be a responsible citizen to make a report about it, BUT you feel like it’s a bit of hassle to take action? If you do, you are not the only one that feels that way. Many of us feel that it is just too tedious to complete an online form; don’t know if the responsible agency has read the report submitted or experience an excruciating long phone hold time just to file a report.   

Well, there is now an app for you to easily make a report with just a few clicks away. The best part is you don’t have to go to the authorities’ place to make a report. This app is called ROL Citizen’s Eye.

ROL is short for River of Life project that aims to transform the Klang River into a vibrant and livable waterfront with high economic value by 2020. The seven-year project is divided into three major components namely River Cleaning, River Beautification as well as Commercialisation and Tourism.

Have you seen the urban design transformation at Masjid Jamek and Sultan Abdul Samad Building area?

image source:  Construction+

These transformations are part of the River of Life project. Just like the Cheonggyecheon River which has made Seoul the environmentally viable city by restoring the river into a go-to-place for recreational activities, ROL project is aiming for this.

image source: Livemint



Despite river cleaning and beautification efforts, we can still find rubbish floating on the Klang River or people littering around river basins.









What seems to be the cause?

Rivers found in your area belong to everyone. If we take care of our river, we’ll have a cleaner environment, a better quality of health and life. But, only some people understand the importance of keeping our river clean while some, they just don’t care.

For those of you who do care, ROL Citizen’s Eye app is where you can show your concerns towards such misconducts and make a report.

This app is an initiative to include you as a citizen to be the eye in ensuring our rivers are free from negative behavior.

How ROL Citizen’s Eye App Works?

The app is designed for an easy reporting process.

Let’s say you are walking down along the river from Central Market to Masjid Jamek. While walking, you encounter rubbish floating and stuck at the river bank or someone is polluting the river.

Open your downloaded ROL Citizen’s Eye app on your phone,

snap a picture...

mark the location

…and submit your report.

Then, you will receive an email that says your report has been received and forwarded to the designated authority.

You can also submit a report that depicts good management practice by submitting the report type as GOOD JOB.

Simple right?









However, since this app is part of the larger River of Life project, please take note that it will only cover river basins in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Jaya and Selayang.

So, if you see any pollution in those areas, take charge by making a report! ROL Citizen’s Eye is now available at App Store and Google Play.

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