Society of Eco-Greater Melawati (SEGM)

Sungai Klang stretch that runs through Taman Melawati

Community’s achievement:
SGEM is a community association established specifically for ROLPOP phase 1 to coordinate the Taman Melawati community and transform into an eco-friendly and sustainable community.  

Their eagerness in instilling best behavior among the community is shown through active participation in ROLPOP workshops and river monitoring and auditing trainings. This has led to the establishment of River Care and Environment Centre (RCEC) on the 9th May 2015. 

Located at the river bank near SJK(T) Taman Melawati, RCEC is the 2nd open classroom which has become the focal point for awareness activities and the venue for many river educational programmes including SMART Ranger and RIVER Ranger trainings. 

Through active participation in trainings and workshops, some community members were promoted as facilitators and trainers for river monitoring and auditing activities. 

Besides the centre, the community was also engaged in DAPUR HIJAU initiative aims to empower food establishment operators to properly manage their wastes. As a result, they have managed to engage 10 restaurant operators to be part of this initiative.

The community also initiated waste management for textile. They collaborate with Lifeline Clothing Malaysia and placed 10 bins along the housing area. Within 3 months, 2981.4 KG of textiles were collected for recycling.