Wangsa Melawati Green Community (WMGC)

Within DBKL jurisdiction

Community’s achievement:
WMGC is a community association initiated by the committee members of Masjid Al-Muttaqin. They were in the midst of establishing “Green Community” within the Wangsa Melawati area and decided to join CoROLPOP after realizing that the aim has been similar. 

The community’s objective was to improve solid waste management and reduce waste disposal into a nearby river as well as establish themselves as the exemplary community. With these in mind, they actively participated in SMART Ranger trainings and programmes organised by other CoROLPOP communities.

They also initiated 5 programmes locally to empower the community’s knowledge and capacities about recycling such as study tour to other successful locations, upcycling used cooking oil, an exhibition on ROL, promote waste segregation and established a WMGC Recycling Corner. 

In just 7 months (January – July 2015), the Recycling Corner has collected 681KG of wastes and 126 KG of used cooking oil for recycling.

The community also successfully initiated its pilot project on recycling ablution water by using the used water to water the lawn and the plants.