Persatuan Rekreasi Taman AU3 Kuala Lumpur (PRTAU3)

Sungai Klang stretch in AU3

Community’s achievement:
PRTAU3 is a community association with long term goal of transforming the 2KM stretch of Sungai Klang riverfront from the Petronas Geo Sample Centre to Masjid Al-Ridhuan AU5 into a vibrant recreational park for the AU3 community and the general public.

The initiative has managed to engage stakeholders in the AU3 area and took up their voices from the beginning of construction including planning, designing, establishing and maintaining the park which in return developed a sense of ownership among the community.

As they have been independently running the construction of the community park with minor guidance from the authorities, PRTAU3 were able to organise activities to increase local community engagement of the project such as a cooking and colouring contests.

They also developed sense of environmental responsibilities and able to grasp the importance of standing against environmental issues. For example, they took a stern stance against residential project development at Bukit Dinding through organising a peaceful demonstration to protect the green lung.