Sierra Ukay Community (SEGORA)

Community’s achievements:

The major issue faced by the community was solid waste management which they attempted to tackle by joining the CoROLPOP. Hence, their initiatives have been mainly on empowering the local community with the awareness and capacity to recycle.

Since the establishment of the SMART Ranger Club (SRC) under SEGORA in 2014, the community has actively organised recycling programmes for kids and the public. In October 2014, 40 local communities including the children participated in a study tour to a recycling centre in Balakong and River Resource Centre open classroom to raise awareness about the status of recycling and river condition in Malaysia.

The community also successfully established a Recycling Corner and a used cooking oil recycling programme with Ar Raudhah surau as a base for outreach and collection. From January to July 2015 alone, a total of 390 KG of waste and 126 KG of used cooking oil were collected and sent for recycling.