Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT) Perumahan Awam Seri Terengganu


Perumahan Awam Seri Terengganu (located next to a stretch of Gombak River)

Community's achievement:

Seri Terengganu KRT has been selected as one of the communities to be empowered and to help agencies monitor nearby lakes and rivers under the Community Networking Programme: River and Lake in 2017 under the ROLPOP5 platform. 

Since then, they have shown their commitment and actively monitor activities taken place nearby the Gombak River. Some issues they have raised were installation of log boom, frequency of rubbish collection by the contractor and fish carcasses.

Their greatest achievement is the establishment of a community garden next to the Gombak River. Previously, the garden was an unregulated dumping site. The community took an initiative to transform the area into a community garden where everyone especially the elderly of Perumahan Awam Seri Terengganu can enjoy and spend their spare time.

The community started working together to work on the garden. However, they met with man power restrains. In July 2018, volunteers from Malaysian Participating Youth (MaPY) and students from Yayasan Chow Kit lent a helping hand growing a community garden. 

Now, the garden is growing in the middle of the city and grows various kinds of plants, vegetables and herbs such as cactus, long beans, spinach, aloe vera, brinjal, papaya, pepermint and more. 

Log Boom Installation: The log boom was installed within the vicinity of Seri Terengganu Community Garden. The waste along the log booms were collected by the DBKL contractors weekly. It attracts the attention of other ROLPOP consultants to bring their target groups and other CSR volunteers to conduct their monthly or quarterly volunteering activities.