KRT PPR Beringin: Tasik Wahyu Lake Ranger


Within the Tasik Wahyu area

Community's achievement:

Under the ROLPOP5 engagement, Lake Rangers Tasik Wahyu was formed on the 13 May 2018. A total of 30 Lake Rangers are from KRT PPR Beringin. The main focus of this adoption is to upgrade the area as a One Stop Centre (OSC) for 4R2C Approach (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost and Close the Loop) and the Zero Waste Concept as well to enable communities to be the eyes and ears for DID Malaysia and DBKL to monitor the lake system.

They successfully initiated two initiatives that led to best management practices. The initiatives include:

  • Tasik Wahyu Community Garden

Tasik wahyu was previously covered with bushes. The community saw a great potential can be developed within this area. Under the ROLPOP5 engagement, KRT PPR Beringin was given permission by DID WPKL to utilize the area for a year and establish a community garden as well as lake monitoring.

On 24 August 2018, the community partnered up with 300 volunteers from Deloitte BPO Sdn Bhd through their CSR to kick-start establishing a community garden. Since then, the lake area was cleared up and composting, nursery and planter boxes were set up within the area.

They succeeded in establishing a small scale community garden for consumption. The communities of PPR Beringin benefited from the community garden while supporting the agencies to monitor the lake water quality and waste issues within the lake.

  • Tasik Wahyu Waste to Wealth

After March 2019, the focus of the Ranger PPR Beringin was diverted to turn the waste especially plastic bottles, steels and other recyclables found within Tasik Wahyu and Nanyang into wealth.

The community sees this as an opportunity for them to generate additional income through the waste-to-wealth concept. The initiative is supported by DID WPKL and the community is looking forward to establish proper recyclable collection system within the lake area.