Waste Management Initiative with the Communities: Recycle for Life

Programme Background:

To promote best management practices for wastes, ROLPOP5 partner up with Recycle for Life (RFL) programme initiated by Cenviro Sdn Bhd for together with MyKasih Foundation.


To enhance recycling practice among the public as well as to support the government’s goal to separate waste at the source. The recyclable items include paper, plastics, steel, aluminum and household e-waste such as televisions, desktops, radios and others HOW: Through RFL collection, the recyclables items are weighed and the value is than credited into the RFL smart card. The smart card can be used for purchase of any goods at selected hypermarkets (mainly Giant), bookshops (for schools), shop of partner outlets (mainly at Nu Sentral & KL Sentral)


In total, 16 communities are actively conducting the recycling initiatives for the last one year. To date, 9340 kg of recyclables have been collected with RM3296.15 credited into the communities e-wallets.