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Report ID: 144
Date/Time: 11 Nov, 2018 04:24 PM
Actions Taken: 12 Nov, 2018 11:31 AM
Moderator approved
Type: Issue
Issue: River Reserve Encroachment
Source: Land Development, Restaurant/Food Stalls/Commercial/Wet Market, Industrial
Observation: Colored, Smelly
Concern: Disease, Siltation/Clogging
Comment: Dear Sir/Madam, I am Jocelyn Wong, a resident from Taman Bamoo, Kuala Lumpur. My living area is located beside Sungai Batu, which is part of River of Life (ROL). I would like to complain on this Taman Bamboo area where there are a lot of illegal structure (Recycle centre, own built house, store room, and restaurant) built on river reserve recroachment of Sungai Batu. The situation are getting more serious now. Previously I dont want to make a complain on this area, as I believe DBKL will take action as soon as possible. However, this situation does not happens. So, i would like to make a complain now and hope that DBKL will take serious action on it by forcely remove all these illegal structures. By doing so, only DBKL could protect Sungai Batu and successfully fulfill River of Life (RoL) objective. Thanks. Regards, Jocelyn Wong
Geolocation: 3.1964477479645064,101.67810394256514
Response Log:
19 Apr, 2019 03:40 PM DID (Department of Irrigation and Drainage): JPS WPKL telah mengemukakan surat kepada PTGWPKL bagi aduan pencerobohan rezab sungai batu untuk tindakan penguatkuasaan di kawasan tersebut.